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The Coach: Testimonials

“My experience being coached by Becky Badry has been life changing. I am continually amazed by the wisdom she has breathed into my life. I am also amazed by the Holy Spirit and how He has moved through the topics of conversation and reading assignments.  It is uncanny how what I am studying is precisely relevant to what is happening in my ministry at the time and can be applied immediately! I have never studied the Bible like I do now. I have never prayed like I do now. I have never fasted like I do now. The spiritual disciplines she has encouraged in me have not only benefited me, but those I am ministering to. I am so grateful for this opportunity."

Colleen Myers

PLUR Life Ministries

“Becky Badry is a gifted leader and leadership coach. She brings her experience, wisdom and Biblical insight to every coaching session. She challenges with questions that cause me to think in new ways and to consider options and solutions I may have missed otherwise.  As a business coach myself, I have valued Becky’s coaching immensely.

My professional life and my personal life have been greatly impacted because of Becky’s coaching.  She is an excellent model and mentor of what a leader should be."

Beth Jones-Schall
Executive Business Coach
Founder of Spirit of Success, Inc.

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Since 2006, Becky Badry has been a certified Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients find clarity and balance. Becky first learned about coaching when she hit a roadblock in her own life and struggled to move past it. The techniques she developed were so successful that friends and family began asking for help with their own challenges. This motivated Becky to turn her newfound passion into a full-time career.

Through Women in Leadership Coaching, Becky has been successfully coaching women and equipping them to fulfill their maximum kingdom potential. Her coaching techniques engage both the head and the heart and aim to introduce clarity, competency, and practical, achievable plans to reach your goals. She will walk with you, mentoring you to better manage the emotional gauntlet of modern life.

With over 30 years of ministry experience, Becky draws from a wealth of knowledge and insight. In her various roles as wife, mother, pastor's wife, ministry professional, grandmother, and now coach, she understands the many hats women wear and is intimate with the struggle to maintain balance.

After partnering with her husband in ministry and investing many years at home to raise a family, develop and lead women's ministries, Becky returned to school to earn a Masters in Leadership. She has served as the Director of Women's Ministry for the Colorado Baptist General Convention, national women's ministry trainer, staff member and guest speaker and teacher at Gateway Seminary. She is currently on staff at Compassion International, and continues to lead numerous speaking and teaching engagements centering on ministry to women and girls.

Becky has a passion to pour into other women to see them grow spiritually and as leaders, as they pursue their unique God-given ministries. She considers it a privilege to hear your story and walk the path of ministry with you.

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Becky Badry

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