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If life feels overwhelming, you're not alone.

As women, we know that balance can seem impossible while juggling a job, family, relationships, and ministry. Without a clear understanding of why any of it matters, life feels like struggle.

A cycle of confusion and exhaustion.

Although many women long to nourish their souls and minds, life gets in the way. Investing in personal growth sounds like a great idea, but it just doesn't fit in the daily schedule.

Women in Leadership Coaching was born from a desire to see women pursue personal and spiritual growth and develop their leadership abilities. We partner with women to bring clarity out of chaos, identify long-term goals, and hone the skills needed to be successful and find fulfillment in life.

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Coaching is about growth.

Our coaching philosophy centers on helping women discover their God-given talents and passions. By identifying and strengthening the necessary skills, women are empowered to fulfill their leadership potential. Regular coaching sessions provide counsel, encouragement, and accountability.

Women in Leadership Coaching is uniquely structured to guide you from inner personal growth to outward ministry impact. Our coaching process starts at the foundation of your personal habits and values, then branches out to your leadership skills and vision.

Your motivation for coaching may be more broad, such as career guidance, help with relationships, or acquiring skills to manage life's obligations. Women in Leadership Coaching touches on all areas of a woman's life and seeks to bring clarity, cohesion, and balance to the whole of life.

Whether you're in vocational ministry or employed in another profession, a student or a stay-at-home mom, coaching can help you on your own personal journey. Every woman can benefit from developing leadership skills and defining her God-given ministry. If you are looking for guidance, growth, and encouragement, Women in Leadership Coaching is for you.

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Through assignments targeted to your areas of growth and personal coaching sessions, Women in Leadership Coaching seeks to help each woman embrace her unique role and reach her full potential in leadership. Much of the work is done independently, but the key to growth is found in the weekly coaching sessions where your coach will discuss new knowledge with you, guide you in your development process, and provide accountability.

Our four-fold approach to coaching follows a life and leader development process that is tailored to each woman and her individual needs.

1. We seek spiritual life transformation based on transferred learning, mentoring, and discipleship. During weekly coaching sessions, emphasis is placed on practicing spiritual disciplines that are foundational for success in life and leadership.

2. Practical life skills and Biblical principles are contextualized and applied to the current season of life and ministry through real-time discussion and support.

3. Guidance and direction are provided to help discover and reach maximum Kingdom potential. Purpose, vision, and goals are uncovered by creating an intentional, personal growth plan.

4. Training for the current ministry setting and preparation for future ministry opportunities instill confidence to pursue God’s calling.

Women in Leadership Coaching gives each woman an opportunity to re-examine her path in life. We help women cultivate an improved mindset to help them manage challenges and pursue goals.

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